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Gaining Status

• Regular attendance of Invictus gatherings; active participation in Invictus activities; assuming a needed function within the covenant.
•• Recognizing Invictus leaders and obeying their edicts; promoting loyalty among the Unconquered; serving one's function reliably.
••• Designing plans or removing obstacles that stand in the way of the covenant; serving the Invictus significantly above and beyond the expected.
•••• Defining an overall goal for the covenant and organizing members to achieve it; assuming a position of recognized leadership within the Establishment.
••••• Acting to position the Invictus to achieve ascendancy.

Losing Status

••••• Deliberately disrespecting, lying to, or giving bad information to an Invictus of equal standing.
•••• Deliberately disrespecting, lying to, or giving bad information to an Invictus of equal or higher standing.
••• Unintentionally stealing from, betraying or otherwise directly harming another Invictus; unintentionally betraying an Invictus secret.
•• Deliberately stealing from or directly harming another Invictus; unintentionally destroying a covenant member.
• Deliberate betraying or destroying another Invictus; deliberately betraying a covenant secret.

The Principles of Etiquette

  • Precedence. No superior must ever be made to wait for an inferior.
  • Gifting. A gift demonstrates significance, effectively saying that the gift-giver believes the recipient is worthy of notice. It also gives the recipient some measure of power - refusal is an insult.
  • Display is about the way you dress, your behavior and body language, the way you display your wealth in both material goods and Vitae.
  • Respect means Invictus may never be openly rude or crass in reference to one another in any ventue. Every Invictus deserves the esteem of both her peers and her betters, and no outsider should ever have reason to think the covenant is not unified in either purpose or opinion.


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