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Vampire Covenants

Carthian Movement

Main Page: Carthian Movement
Nickname: The Revolution, the Movement, Firebrands, Vermin (Invictus)
Primogen: Calliope
Representatives: Calliope, Tanner,

  • Circle of the Crone: They're totally detached from reality.
  • Invictus: Viciously anachronistic, their ways are the doom of us all.
  • Lancea et Sanctum: Put together a clutch of blind fanatics and you know what you get?
  • Ordo Dracul: Just what are they getting up into their laboratories that they don't want us to see?
  • Unaligned: Those who won't or can't commit are selfish and without cause. Bring them into the fold, but don't pity them.

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Active Carthians

Inactive or Dead Firebrands

Circle of the Crone

Main Page: Circle of the Crone
Nickname: The Acolytes, the Mother's Army, The Witches (derogatory)
Primogen: Casper
Representatives: Casper, Janeen, Irene

  • Carthian Movement: Look no further to see what happens when your values are misplaced.
  • Invictus: A foul aristocracy we will never bend knee and neck to.
  • Lancea et Sanctum: Hateful demagoguery that approaches blasphemy!
  • Ordo Dracul: Their little experiments have value, but distract them from true understanding.
  • Unaligned: They stare too deep at their own reflections and see nothing.

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Active Acolytes

Inactive or Dead Acolytes


Main Page: Invictus
Nickname: The First Estate, Old Man or the Man, Conspiracy of Silence, The Ownership, The Establishment
Primogen: Ovidio
Representatives: Ovidio, Gregory, Mortimer

  • Carthian Movement: Without respect for tradition, what are you but a lot of crowing rabble?
  • Circle of the Crone: Their age is past, and they will not accept their place in our society.
  • Lancea et Sanctum: The Second Estate may be trusted more than the others, though the windbags layer sanctimonious preaching beyond their station.
  • Ordo Dracul: When a delusional man practices herculean self-discipline, he is still deluded.
  • Unaligned: Selfishness begets worse among those cults of personality devoted to no purpose.

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Active Invictus

Inactive or Dead Invictus

Lancea et Sanctum

Main Page: Lancea et Sanctum
Nickname: The Second Estate, Church Eternal, Sanctified, Judges (derogatory)
Primogen: Elijah
Representatives:Forrest Elijah

  • Carthian Movement: Their determination burns bright, but without faith, their works come to naught.
  • Circle of the Crone: Better the witches burned with their heresies than be given leave to speak.
  • Invictus: The magnates of the First Estate concern themselves with temporal strength at the expense of spiritual might.
  • Ordo Dracul: Faith gone astray leads to unspeakable errors.
  • Unaligned: Bring the Apostates to the word of Longinus or curb them to silence.

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Active Sanctified

Inactive or Dead Judges

Ordo Dracul

Main Page: Ordo Dracul
Nickname: The Defiant, Dragons, Order of the Dragon
Primogen: N/A
Representatives: N/A

  • Carthian Movement: By assimilating into the group, they forget the value of the individual and self.
  • Circle of the Crone: While they throw themselves down in worship of greater powers, they are self-blinded to enlightenment.
  • Invictus: The First Estate is a golem, immensely strong and empty inside.
  • Lancea Sanctum: While they build a strong hierarchy and erase chaos, they lose sight of the improvements essential for transcendence.
  • Unaligned: Why would I ever allow them to distract me? Show me one with potential from the rabble.

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Active Dragons

Inactive or Dead Dragons

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