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You can create a character page from here, using the dialogues or the template information below. The template information below is REQUIRED to make the sorting work. The forms on Character List will automatically populate based on information put into the template below. You must use the following template in order to sort correctly:

|name = Character Name
|clan = Clan
|image = image.ext

And to ensure your PhysRep shows correctly on the appropriate page, you can look on Actor List or use the following:

| Character Name = Name of Character
| PhysRep Name = Name of Rep
| Image = imagename.ext

In order for the sort to work, the settings must be as follows:

  • All Characters, which is divided into:
    The Living, which displays all characters who have their Status set to Active, and their Condition set to Alive will display here.
    The Deceased, which will be a general list of the confirmed dead. Characters who have their Condition set to Deceased and Status set to Inactive will show up here.
    The Missing/Absent, which will be a general list of any characters who are no longer in play, such as through mysterious disappearances, torpor or other unconfirmed status. Their Status must be set to Inactive, and their Condition must be set to MIA.
  • City, which is divided and sorted by Status in descending order.
  • Covenant, which is divided and sorted by Status in descending order.
  • Clan, which is divided and sorted by Status in descending order.

To create your own character page, preloaded with the above templates, simply type the name of the character (first AND last name if applicable) in the box below and click the Create Vampire Bio button. Once that's done... happy editing! If you want a fillable template, simply copy/paste the content from VampTemplate and fill in everything after the equal signs.

NOTE: You can CTRL+Click on the button open the template in a new tab in Chrome.

<inputbox> type=create break=yes buttonlabel=Create Vampire Bio preload=CharTemplate </inputbox>