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Cults and conspiracies are mysterious organizations functioning in Kingsmouth's world. Some may amount to barely a few members, others to hundreds or thousands of people in a global network. Unless otherwise noted, all these are open to membership if a character meets specified criteria.

Unless you cover up your movements, anyone investigating you or your actions can discover your involvement with any of these groups.

At character creation, you may buy up to 3 dots in any given Cult. In play, you must start at level 1.

Conspiracies and Companies


Companies are businesses or public organizations up front but, often, underneath tend to have ulterior goals and motives hidden in plain sight, allowing more obvious or grand actions, though notably less occult in nature. Companies are somewhat different from other cults in that depending on the base of the body, they do not require “loyalty” or secret rights, but more practical means of access be it through employment or gaining an account.

Panopticon Security Systems - Security Company

United Bank and Trust - Investment Bank Conspiracies are global organizations of Kindred which maintain a discreet presence but seek to make radical changes to vampiric society. Only Kindred can join a Conspiracy.

Currently Active

  • The Commonwealth: Envisioning a post-Masquerade society. (Reputation: Bad)
  • The Devil's Eye: Searching for true immortality and freedom from weakness. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Prima Invicta: Ruling the world from the shadows. (Reputation: Good)
  • The Covenant: Seeking salvation by bringing the Apocalypse. (Reputation: Bad)
  • The Mother's Army: Fanatic pagans trying to wake the progenitors. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • VII: Eradicating vampires from the face of the earth. (Reputation: Criminal. Must be Political to play.)
  • Belial's Brood Transcendence via becoming one with the Beast. (Reputation: Criminal. Must be Political to play.)

No Active PCs

  • Holy Engineers: Prophets of the God Machine. (Reputation: Indifferent)


Conclaves are Kindred interest groups which are not limited to a given Covenant.

Currently Active

No Active PCs

  • Blood Gods: Worshipers of vampiric Gods. Usually Circle of the Crone. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Brethren of the Hundred Faces: Controlling the Beast by strengthening the Man. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Harbingers: Conquering the need for torpor. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Mysteries of Mithras: Subtlety and treachery in worship of the god of Darkness. (Reputation: Criminal. Must be Political to play.)
  • The Nemites: Love, community, and fellowship, vampire-style. (Reputation: Good)
  • The Anti-Obstructionist Army: Keeping the vampiric footprint (like the carbon footprint, but bloodier) minimal. Usually Carthians. (Reputation: Bad)


of the Carthian Movement

of the Circle of the Crone

  • Disciples of Silence: Nihilistic worshipers of entropy. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Mardoll's Union of Sailors: Worshipers of Freyja. Ghouls may join. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • People of the Land: Tribalistic, nomadic predators who revere the spirits of animals. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Second Descent: Seeking enlightenment and divinity through the study and acceptance of death. (Reputation: Bad)
  • Semioticians: Toiling sorcerers who venerate the divine metaphor within all Acolyte faiths. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Sipan: Acolytes who seek to appease a Great Beast that prophecy says will soon return. (Reputation: Bad)

of the Invictus

of the Lancea et Sanctum

  • The Crimson Cavalry: Racist Sanctified fundamentalists trying to bring about the Second Coming of Christ. (Reputation: Bad)
  • The Livian Heresy: Acolytes and Sanctified who worship Livia (mother of Longinus) as the Mother Goddess. (Reputation: Criminal. Must be Political to play.)
  • Sons of the Serpent: Sanctified who believe Kindred are descended from the child of Eve and the Serpent. (Reputation: Bad)
  • The Messengers of Longinus: Proselytizers who use modern sales techniques. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Nepheshim: Religious wanderers who take vows of poverty. (Reputation: Indifferent)

of the Ordo Dracul

  • The Impaled: Ordo Dracul who seek enlightenment through torture. Open to non-Dragons, though rarely. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Sworn of the Ladder: High Humanity Ordo Dracul seeking to return to human life. (Reputation: Bad)
  • Sworn of the Locust: Self-centered diablerists of the Ordo Dracul. (Reputation: Criminal. Must be Political to play.)

Shadow Cults

Shadow Cults are means by which Kindred control the mortal population. Humans and ghouls may join Shadow Cults, though they are usually restricted in the possible status to which they may rise. Kindred involvement is often limited to a specific faction.

Currently Active

  • Brides of Dracula: Biker gang, a personality cult of Count Fucking Dracula. Open to all. (Reputation: Bad)
  • The Followers of Seth: Inciting chaos to bring about cosmic harmony. Open to Mekhet, ghouls and humans. (Reputation: Bad)
  • The Moirai: Keepers of history and oracles of the future. Open to Mekhet, Daeva, ghouls and humans. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • The Moulding Room: Social commentators and puppetmasters. Open to all. (Reputation: Bad)
  • The Sun-Walking Knights: Equality and cooperation between Kindred, ghouls, and mortals. Open to all. Neither ghouls nor mortals are restricted in status. (Reputation: Criminal. Must be Political to play.)

No Active PCs

  • Daughters of the Goddess: Radical feminist Goddess-worshipers. Open to Acolytes and female mortals. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • Narodnaia Volia: Vampire hunters. Open to Mekhet, Daeva, ghouls and humans. (Reputation: Criminal. Must be Political to play.)
  • Sin-Eaters: Studying the psychic injury of 'sin'. Open to all. (Reputation: Indifferent)
  • The Octopus: Controlling the human population through politics. Open to all, though Kindred are usually Invictus. (Reputation: Bad)

Mystery Cults

The bread and butter of the unseen world, mystery cults are groups devoted to a specific goal or a specific aim.

Currently Active

No Active PCs

  • Adrenal Junkies: Chasing the high of mystical adrenaline. Human only.
  • Alchemists: Striving for self-perfection in mind, body, and spirit. Ghouls are limited to Status 3.
  • The Black Tide: Searching for Atlantis. Humans only.
  • The Cult of the Nile: Worshiping Jesus as the ultimate survivor, in the form of Dagon - but with immediate benefits. Primarily human, though ghouls can reach Status 4. Vampires may only attain Status 1.
  • Cult of the Other: Satanistic ritualists who believe God must die for humanity to become divine. (Must be Political to play.)
  • The Cult of the Wheel: Rebuilding the city by bringing order to chaos. Kindred are limited to Status 1, ghouls to Status 2.
  • Demon Handlers: Fighting the supernatural by whatever means necessary. Primarily human, though ghouls could infiltrate as high as Status 2. (Must be Political to play.)
  • The Gnomes of Zurich: Temporal power, and the preservation of magic. Humans only
  • The Knights of Columbus: A Catholic brotherhood of mutual support. Kindred are limited to Status 1, ghouls to Status 2.
  • Rebuilders: The union of biology and technology.
  • Sons of Phobos: Achieving immortality by stealing life from others. Human only. (Must be Political to play.)