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Downtime is one out of seven modules that make up the Off-Screen System.

Off-screen actions take time. Seizing territory takes time. Defending territory takes time. Getting the lay of the land takes time. You can't do everything, and Downtime is there to represent that. Every character has a certain amount of Downtime hours per week that they can spend on two things:

The number of downtime hours that a character has available each week depends on their status:

  • Kindred and humans: (Intelligence + Resolve + Stamina) x 4
    Resolve stands for rigorous self-discipline, Intelligence for smart planning, and Stamina for how long you can plug away at a task.
  • PC Ghouls: (Intelligence + Resolve + Stamina) x 5
    Ghouls (not mortals) bound to a regnant get x5 rather than x4. Devoted ghouls will often stay up for days at a time completing a beloved domitor's tasks.
  • NPC Retainer: Retainers do not get downtime hours.
  • Good Time Management: The Good Time Management merit gives a character an extra 4 hours of downtime per week.

The maximum number of downtime hours that a character can spend each day depends on their template:

  • Kindred: 10 hours
  • Mortals: 12 hours
  • Ghouls: 15 hours

Some merits require maintenance to function properly. You can lose these merits if you do not pay the necessary amount of downtime hours (see tab "Exhaustion"). Merits that require upkeep are:

Merit Upkeep requirement
Covenant Status 1 hour per dot per week (pre-deducted from your downtime)
Status (Influence) 1 hour per status dot per week (pre-deducted from your downtime)
Hobbyist Clique 4 hours per month
Pack Alpha 2 hours per pack member per week
Mentors 1 hour per dot per month
Secret Society Membership 2 hours per dot per month
Allies 1 hour per dot per month
Retainers 1 hour per dot per month
For Allies and Retainers, you also need to specify a method of control (bribery, blackmail, blood-bonding or bullying) that can result in additional upkeep costs. See Assets -> Methods of control for more information.

Maybe you don't have time when your ally needs your help, not right now, not when the monsters are breathing down your neck. Maybe you got torpored and missed your weekly Invictus meeting. Maybe you had a bad fight with your girlfriend and anything more than driving around your territory is too much for you right now. Your relationship becomes exhausted when you do this. Subtract one from the rating of any merit that relies on upkeep. If you fail to make up the hours in the next iteration you lose one dot. As soon as you make up the lost hours, the exhausted condition goes away.

Action Downtime
Covenant Status 1 hour per dot per week (already deducted from your downtime)
Attacking Assets 12 hours + 2/level
Attacking Territory* 12 hours + 4/roll
Blackmailing Allies 2 hours/month/level
Blackmailing Retainers 1 hour/month/level
Building new sites* 16 hours + 4/Prestige
Calling on Influence 1 hour/Influence level halved (rounded up)
Changing territory attitude* 24 hours + 8/roll
Crafting* (includes Programming) 4 hours/roll
Coercion 12 hours + 4/level
Covering your actions 7 hours
Covering your tracks or assets 7 hours/week
Defending Groups/Territory 7 hours/week
Defending Individuals 16 hours/week
Finessing Territory 10 hours
Growing assets* 4 hours/roll
Hacking* 1 hour + 2/roll
Improving Territory Traits* 8 hours/roll
Investigation* 1 hour + 2/roll
Research* 1 hour + 2/roll
Solving a Crisis(*) 12 hours + 4/roll (if extended)
Extended actions are marked with a *. The merit Good Time Management reduces the Downtime costs for rolls for extended actions by half. The base unit of time remains unchanged (such as the 12 hours to solve a crisis in a territory, though the 4 hours/roll is halved to 2 hours/roll). You may roll a number of times equal to your Attribute + Skill + Specialty. The Patient Merit allows an extra two rolls beyond this limit.