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All information presented on this page is easily available In Character, and can be presumed known.

City Structure

The City of KingsmouthEasy to navigate, the MUSH has divided the city of Kingsmouth into three burroughs: Kingsport, Innsmouth, and Arkham. These three burroughs are further subdivided into districts, which the Kindred instinctually divide into logical domains. Each domain has a list of attributes, as detailed in Damnation City, under Districts, page 251. Unlike in Damnation City, we have not introduced the Domain merit, though systems are in place to seize and hold territory, and the Kindred vie over their nightly blood fiercely. 





Kingsmouth is a brand-new city, incorporated in 2008 after new gold mining techniques made the Carson Gold Mine profitable again. Prior to that, the City of Kingsmouth was three separate towns of varying prosperity in the Miskatonic Valley of Essex County, Massachusetts: Kingsport, a scenic holiday vacation for leaf-peepers and unadventurous, mostly WASP tourists; Arkham, the college town that had grown up around and in support of the famous Miskatonic University, alma mater and inspiration for H. P. Lovecraft himself; and Innsmouth, a dreary fishing village with none of Kingsport's scenic charm.