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MUSH Commands

General Commands

  • +help index: Shows you the help list. +help <subject> to read about something on the list. Interesting subjects include beats, merits, mask, and dirge. You can dig even deeper with +help condition <condition> and +help merit <merit>.
  • +who: Shows a list of players currently connected as well as their location in-game and if they are available for rp.
  • +where: Shows a list of players and their location
  • +finger <person>: Shows some IC and OOC information about a character and their player.
  • look <object>/<player>: Shows the description of an <object> or <player>.
  • +sheet: Shows your character sheet.
  • +sheet/show <player>: Shows your character sheet to <player>.
  • +status: Shows your current Vitae, Willpower, and Health
  • +review: Shows the Aspirations/Breaking points/Favored Attribute and Justification you used in chargen.

XP Commands

  • +xpaudit: Shows the record of all your XP spends
  • +squees: Shows the record of all squees you have received
  • +squees/given: Shows the record of all squees you have given
  • +beatsheet: Shows your weekly beathseet
  • +beatsheet/summary: Shows only the summary of the weekly beatsheet.
  • +beat <Category>=<Description>: See Character Advancement.
  • +xp/buy <What you want to buy>/<Level to buy it to>=<Reasoning for Raise>: Example: +xp/buy Strength/2=Bro Do You Even Lift? - Buy strength from your current level to 2 for the reason Bro Do You Even Lift?
  • +xp: Shows you spent/unspent beats and your current XP tier.
  • +help +conditions: Shows you how to use the automated conditions code

Downtime Commands

  • +dt: Shows the Downtime you've spent this week.
  • +dt/full: Also shows the Downtime you spent last week.
  • +dt/show <name>: Shows someone your downtime spend.
  • +upkeep: Shows the upkeep you need to pay for your Assets this week.
  • +upkeep/money <ID>: Pays upkeep in RP (money) for an NPC.
  • +dt/upkeep <ID>: Pays downtime upkeep for an NPC or group.
  • +dt/upkeep <ID>=<amount>: Make a partial payment of downtime for an NPC or group.

Vampire/Ghoul Commands

  • +boons: See boons owed.
  • +boons/report: Detailed list of boons and reasons for them.
  • +boons/add <Name>/<Amount>=<Reason>: Add a boon for given reason to a person.
  • +vitae/upkeep: Pays vitae for a given NPC.
  • +vitae/upkeep <who>=<amount>: Make a partial payment of vitae for NPC.
  • +help feed: How to feed or donate blood to another
  • +statuslist: Shows you where everyone ranks in the city's status
  • +laurels Character Name/Reason:Cost: Harpy command to give or take away laurels automatically, 1 gives one laurel, -1 takes away one laurel
  • +sponsor Character Name: Automated way to sponsor someone to citizenship
  • +citizen Character Name: Automated way for the Prince to move Status 0 or Status S to Citizen

CharGen Commands

  • +review: See answers for aspirations, goals, breaking points, and touchstones.
  • +sheet: Review your sheet.
  • +sheet/show: Show your sheet to someone else.
  • +willpower <reason>: Spend a point of willpower for a reason.
  • +willpower/regain <reason>: Regains willpower for a reason.
  • +willpower/all <reason>: Regains all your willpower for a reason.

Misc Commands

  • +oldbie / +newbie: Shows the list of who has been around the longest or is the newest PCs online currently


  • help @mail: Shows various things concerning the @mail system, like reading and sending.
  • @Mail <name>=<Subject>/<Message>: Send a message to the recipient(s).
  • +help bbread and +help bbpost: Shows various things concerning the bboard system
  • +ibread: Influence board with the same commands as +help bbread just with i instead of b in front, allows anon posting


+Myjob (+request) is a job system used to process OOC requests, beats, and more.
  • +myjobs: Get an overview of your open jobs
  • +myjob #: Get the details of job number #
  • +myjob/add #=text: Add text to job number #
  • +help buckets: Look up the proper bucket for your job to go into i.e. +request Wiki/Typo=There's a type in a place!
  • +request title=text: Opens a new job to get a new trait for your precious beats, an investigation to start, equipment that you want to buy for Resource Points, etc.
  • +willpower <amount>=job <number> : Spends willpower to job
  • +vitae <amount>=job <number>: Spends vitae to job
  • +sites/job <site ID>=<job number>: Uses a site to job
  • +job/rp <job number>=<amount>: Spends RP to job

+Roll Commands

  • +roll <#> / +roll <X + Y>: Rolls number of dice.
  • +roll #=<Target>: Rolls pool or number of dice to a target.
  • +roll #=Job <#>: Rolls pool to job #.
  • +roll/switches=<pool>=<targets>: Rolls dice with given targets.
  • +roll/9=<Pool>: Rolls a pool with 9/again dice.
  • +roll/8=<Pool>: Rolls a pool with 8/again dice.
  • +roll/Rote=<Pool>: Rolls a pool with rote dice (reroll all failures).
  • +roll/Extended=<Target Number>/<Number of Rolls>=<Pool>: Roll an extended pool of dice at a target.

Damage/Heal Commands

  • +damage/agg #: You take # points of aggravated damage.
  • +damage/bash #: You take # points of bashing damage.
  • +damage/lethal #: You take # points of lethal damage.


  • +heal <# of Vitae>: Heals 2 bashing per 1 vitae, 1 lethal per 1 vitae, or 1 agg per 5 vitae.
    • Remember': If you have only agg in your damage boxes, use only #ofVitae that is divisible by 5, as it takes 5 vitae to heal 1 point of agg. Requests for refunds will not be entertained.


  • Humans/Ghouls recover all bash damage and reduce 1 lethal to bashing at dawn.

Travel Commands

  • +travel territoryname: Automatically transports you to the main room of that particular district, i.e. +travel sagecroft
  • follow <player>: Automatically follows a <player>.
  • unfollow: Stops you from following.
  • +map: Shows a map of Kingsmouth to help navigating the grid

Communication Commands

  • say <message>: Says <message> out loud.
  • @emit <message>: Emits a pose to everyone in the room.
  • pose <message>: Poses an action with your name in front of it.
  • page <player>=<message>: Send a private message to other players. This can be used to speak to multiple people.
  • think <message>: Send a private message to yourself.
  • whisper <player>=<message>: Sends a private IC whisper to another player and sends a message to the room that you've whispered to someone giving them the opportunity to roll in the attempt to hear what you've said
  • +txt <player>=<message>: Sends a private IC text message to other players, This can be used to txt multiple people.
  • +channame message: Sends your message to the chosen channel i.e. +rules I need help with chargen please!
  • @chan/gag channelname: Temporarily turns off a channel until you log off or ungag it
  • @chan/ungag channelname: Turns a channel back on that you've temporarily gagged
  • @chan/list: Shows you available channels you can speak on
  • @chan/join channelname: Adds you to a channel
  • @chan/leave channelname: Removes you from a channel
  • @chan/title channelname=title: Offers a flavor text title before your character name on that channel (Note not all channels are equipped with this function)
  • @chan/who channelname: Shows you a list of who has the channel turned on or gagged

Convenient commands

  • +bbscan: Shows you all unread bbposts.
  • +bbcatchup #: Marks all posts on board # as read, use 'all' to mark everything as read.
  • @aconnect me=#: Runs # when you connect. Good to use in combination with +bbscan and +events/date. Ex "@aconnect me=+bbscan; +events/date; +where"
  • +help notes: Built in note system
  • +help wardrobe: Built in wardrobe system
  • +help watch: Shows you commands to see the login/logout of fellow players
  • @idle me=message: Allows you to set an away message, when players page you they will see it
  • help ansi(), help colors(): Shows you how to use color code