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Welcome to Requiem for Kingsmouth. Below is a series of links and MU commands to assist you with Character Creation and adjusting to the game. If you are in need of any assistance please feel free to ask a member of Staff or fellow players.

For MU commands replace <text> with the desired title.  For Example:  +help <Skill Name> should look like... +help Brawl 

Wiki Links
Character Creation
List of MU Commands

MU Commands
+help Attributes
+help Skills
+help <Skill Name>
+help Merits
+help <Merit Name>
+help Disciplines
+help <Discipline Name>
+help <Discipline Name #>
+sheet (Review Character Sheet)
+help Breaking Points List
+help Aspirations
+Review (Review set Aspirations, Breaking Points, Touchstone)

Wiki Links
Rules: Read the rules of Kingsmouth, which are also posted in chargen.
FAQ: Gives you a starting point for character creation on the Mush and frequently asked questions.
Code Creation Help: Gives you CODE help and a walkthrough for creating a character on the MUSH.
Clans: Information on the core clans.
Bloodlines: Information on the available bloodlines by clan.
Playstyles: Choose your playstyle.
Skills: Explains the various skills and what they do in game
Fighting Styles: Explains the various fighting styles
Blood Sorcery: Information on Blood Sorcery
Covenants: Caitiff or Coven Member?
Cults: A List of Cults your PC can be in.
Beatsheets: Fill out your Character's History and Thoughts and get Beats for doing it!

Wiki Links
Weekly Beats
Beat Sheets

MU Commands
+help beats

Wiki Links
Gain Territory: How to gain and what to do with territory.
Gain Influence/Allies/Status/Contacts: How to gain and what to do with influence/allies/contacts/status.
Housing: Move in!
Directory: Look at the Directory to find places to rp.
Weekly Beat Sheets: Fill out your weekly beat sheets. Rollover is Sunday night midnight Eastern (US) timezone.
MU Commands
+help hunt
+help feed
+help vitae
+help willpower

MU Commands
+help events: Schedule an event to create rp and gain new rp partners
+where: Stalk someone for rp!
who and +who: To see who is on, where they are and if they are idle/available for rp.
page personname=message: Page someone and ask for rp.
+travel territoryname and +map: Walk around the grid looking for people to run into.

Etiquette: A link to explain basic vampire etiquette.
Feeding: A link to show the racks of the city that anyone can feed in.
Laws: The formal laws of vampire land per the current Prince.
Prestation: How to offer apology properly.
+help boons: How to offer apology codewise in game.

Enclaves: Appropriate Feeding Locations
Site Directory: A directory of various sites and their bonuses to be used for the +OSS system.
OSS Cheat Sheet: A guide on how to use the +OSS system.
Discipline House Rules: A list of discipline clarifications and house rules
Laurel Tracker
Wiki Templates

Dice: A tutorial about dice and rolls
Assets: A tutorial about assets
Influence: A tutorial about Influence