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The Traditions

The First Tradition: The Masquerade
"Do not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so forfeits you your claim to the Blood."
Accepted as the most important and basic tradition, this is the one least challenged, the Tradition that demands that vampirism must remain a secret. Before the dawn of the modern era, this Tradition was significantly less enforced, and in some cases, even scoffed at by the more haughty (and foolish) among the undead. Today, however, even the most jaded ancient knows just too well that the canaille is more than a match for them and that secrecy serves not only him, but all of the Damned.

The Second Tradition: The Progeny
"Sire another at the peril of both yourself and your progeny. If you create a childe, the weight is your own to bear."
This Tradition prohibits the creation of new vampires. As it can be seen, most Kindred are not as strict with this Tradition, causing them to violate it in order to create new childer. While few Kindred would deny that it is wrong (or at least complicated) to perpetuate the race of the Damned, many take issue with how the Tradition is enforced tonight. Many among the unbound (and a few members of formal covenants) believe that the Curse itself is enough to limit the numbers of new undead in the world, naturally and without need of politics or hierarchy

The Third Tradition: The Amaranth
"You are forbidden from devouring the heartsblood of another of your kind. If you violate this commandment, the Beast calls to your own Blood."
Given the predatory nature of the Kindred, this Tradition is among the most violated. It is the commandment that prohibits Amaranth, the devouring of the soul of a Kindred.

Laws of The Praxis

Portions of the Praxis shall be provided as guaranteed Enclaves for Clans, Covenants, and individuals who serve the Praxis. While each will enforce the sanctity of his/her/its own rules in its Enclave, the existence of the Enclave itself is guaranteed by the Praxis. None shall attempt to claim ownership of the Enclave or any part of it without proper recognition by the Praxis. Similarly, the Praxis is the wellspring of all territorial claims within and around Kingsmouth. Any who declares him/her/itself independent of the Praxis violates the Law of Domain.

All who remain in the Praxis for seven days or longer are required to present themselves or have an Enclave holder present them as subjects to the Praxis. Presentation may occur to the Seneschal or Prince directly, although the Prince should not be petitioned directly, unless the Seneschal is absent. Acknowledgement in these cases is at the discretion of the Prince or Seneschal, on whatever terms they deem fit. Presentation may also be achieved through an Enclave holder who agrees to provide rights of residency and feeding for the new arrival, if necessary, on whatever terms they so desire. In such cases, acknowledgement by the Seneschal or Prince must be without reservation, except in the rare circumstance that an individual is known to be of such poor quality that acknowledgement will be denied. Remaining in the Praxis beyond seven days without presentation, and remaining when unacknowledged, is illegal.

New Players: "Kindred arriving in Kingsmouth are not presumed to be acknowledged as members of the Praxis. As in most Praxes, there are requirements for presentation. Here, characters have one week in which to present themselves. They may do so to any 'Enclave holder' - in short, any Priscus or Primogen, the Prince, or the Seneschal. If you are presented to anyone but the Prince or the Seneschal, they then send word to the Prince or Seneschal recommending acceptance, and acceptance is granted as a pro forma matter." - TPO Phineas

Additionally, all you need to do is contact the Prince(Phineas Ereutralos), his Seneschal(Gregory Marchmont), a Primogen, or a Priscus and let them know you are planning to remain in Kingsmouth and would like a scene. You do not require sponsorship and if you are absolutely unable to have a scene with the players than please send them an @mail, they will work with you! They are very nice individuals OOC!

Free Travel
The right to travel without any hindrance via public roadways, paths, airspace, or waterways is guaranteed. Rights of travel through subterranean and privately owned lands - including church lands and educational facilities - are not protected, nor is any expectation of safety beyond the expectation that violence or interference will not be tolerated, simply because the right to free travel is being exercised.

Our society exists, in part, to protect us from the ravages of the Beast. Protections must be extended to those of lesser might. As a result, there is a right to existence for all presented kindred. A presented kindred with no status of his/her own (i.e. a Childe) or an Acknowledged kindred is protected from final death. A Recognized kindred is also protected against being rendered torpid by whatever means, including staking, and being placed somewhere inaccessible to any. So long as even only the one who puts the kindred in place retains access, the prohibition is not violated.

No violence or use of any supernatural ability within, or targeting those within Elysium are permitted. The use of supernatural powers without knowing the location of the target is at the risk of the aggressor - not knowing a target is in Elysium is no defence.

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