Praxis History

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May 2006:

  • Baron Isaiah Cartwright steps down from the Praxis, providing no explanation.
  • Baronness Erica Lestrange (Invictus Nosferatu) takes Praxis.

February 2007:

  • Baronness Lestrange is killed by Theban Sorcery.
  • Archbishop Jeremiah Maren (Sanctified Mekhet) seizes Praxis.

August 2007:
  • Wisteria (Gangrel Acolyte), Hierophant of the Circle, diablerizes Archbishop Maren and takes Praxis.
  • All Sanctified are banished from the city. Those who refuse to leave are killed in a short but bloody war.

September 2007:
  • Wisteria falls to the Beast and becomes draugr.
  • The city is overrun by revenants and larvae as she continues to Embrace.

October 2007:
  • August Radislav (Ventrue Acolyte) accepts the city's leadership. He gathers a band of warriors - mostly Acolyte - to put down Wisteria and address the major Masquerade issues. They disappear one night and are never seen again, but neither are Wisteria and her mindless brood.

November 2007:
  • Julianna Carbry (Carthian Daeva) takes Praxis.

May 2008:

  • Julianna Carbry is revealed to be a Vitae addict and in a perverted relationship with another Kindred. She is ousted from power, and both she and her lover are torpored until their addiction can wear off.

June 2008:
  • After a brief period of lawlessness, Lady Stephanie Palmer (Invictus Daeva) takes Praxis, with the support of Baron Cartwright.

October 2008:
  • Stephanie Palmer is killed by hunters. Two Knights of the Thorned Wreath, Radcliff Wallis and Samuel Hartcourt, die trying to protect her.
  • Many of the remaining Kindred leave the city on the grounds that it has become too dangerous.
  • Haze Riley (Mekhet Dragon) declares herself Prince, and invites anyone whose highest priority isn't dealing with the Masquerade to politely get the fuck out of the city.

August 2009:

  • Haze Riley's Haven is burned to the ground. The culprit is never identified.

August 2009 - January 2015:
  • The Ruling Council maintained a cautious balance, and all citizens have signed a contract agreeing that they will not attempt to seize Praxis, nor acknowledge anyone else who does, unless at least a two-thirds majority of the Ruling Council supports them. The Absent Prince rules over Kingsmouth.

February 2015:

  • Tobias Steele (Invictus Ventrue) takes Praxis with support of thirty Kindred and fifteen against.

June 2015:
  • Tobias Steele is assassinated by a strix-possessed vampire. Roland Eisenwinkel fall trying to protect him.
  • Baptiste St. Yves (Carthian Ventrue) rallies more votes than River Delacroix (Lancea Daeva) and takes Praxis, then reforms several laws to introduce a limited term.